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Tungsten Alloy Rings

What is Tung sten Alloy?

tungsten is an extremely strong, resistant, dense, hard and heat resistant metal that is often alloyed with other metals and materials to further improve strength, melting point and hardness properties. Most tungsten products are alloyed with some sort of metal, including steel, carbide, nickel, copper and iron.

The most popular alloy is tungsten carbide, which is a very strong metal used in mining, construction and industrial machinery. It accounts for 65% of the total tungsten consumption worldwide. It can be manufactured as tungsten carbide rings.

Another tungsten alloy is tungsten heavy alloy (WNiFe, WNiCu) consists of 85-98% tungsten with balanced commonly nickel and iron or copper. Tungsten heavy alloys, with densities between 16.9 and 18.1 g/cm3, represent the heaviest materials generally available to the engineer. It has excellent radiation resistance, thermal and electric conductivities, corrosion resistance and machinable.

Tungsten Alloy Rings

Nowadays, tungsten alloy is increasingly used in some field relevant to gold or platinum substitution, such as: jewelry, e.g. tungsten alloy rings, ear ring, necklace, wrist chain, etc. Since tungsten alloy bears a special property of longevity and high durability, when it is utilized to make tungsten alloy rings, it always implicate the love between lovers or couple could be everlasting.

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