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Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Advantages of tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Tungsten carbide jewelry have become extremely popular recently. First, tungsten carbide jewelry, tungsten jewelry is extremely hard and dense. Combined with carbon and other elements, it becomes tungsten carbide, which registers between 8-9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Second,tungsten carbide jewelry has a beautiful glow that never tarnish or dull as can happen with gold or silver tungsten ring. In addition to its design and high polish, part of tungsten ring’s attraction to consumers is its technical nature.Tungsten jewelry gleams a kind of luster that borders on the originality, making person be addicted to it, dulcify.

If you are looking for a wedding ring that’s really going to last a lifetime, tungsten ring is the excellent choice. After all, a wedding is supposed to symbolize the permanence in the relationship. What better way than using a metal that is stronger than time? It is just tungsten ring.

Categorys of Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Nowadays, tungsten alloy is increasingly used in some field relevant to gold or platinum substitution. tungsten jewelry, tungsten carbide jewelry e.g. tungsten ring, earring, necklace, bracelet , pendant, etc. Also, it is widely adopted in making watch band.

The tungsten jewelry will maintain its original polish and luster for life, while the softer inlaid precious metals will eventually develop a textured appearance over time, creating an attractive contrast against the lasting polish of the tungsten ring.

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