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JH-A39 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

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JH-A39 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid


Short Description

Great design, quick and simple charging, and easy to use completely wireless earbuds that also double as sound amplifiers.
Amplifies voices for easy conversation
Discreet, behind the ear design with three sizes of ear tips
Rechargeable batteries for up to 16 listening hours
Amplifies voices for mild hearing loss
Reduces ambient noise for easy conversations
Discreet, inner ear design with comfort ear tips


Wireless Earbuds Sound Amplifier

1.Latest technology wireless ear buds with amplify sound function, which can be used for hearing impairment people;

2.Fashion design with high sound quality;

3.Hearing loss group would not prefer people to know they are wearing a hearing aid device, and this item not only 4.help user to regain the sound, but also can protect user’s privacy because of product’s appearance ;

5.Big button and obvious indicator light, magnetic contact for recharge;

6.With case and easy for recharge any time;

7.Different size ear tips for different ear size.

Contact Us

Huizhou Jinghao Medical Technology CO., LTD.

https://www.jhhearingaids.com/ Email: [email protected] Mobile: +86-18566295705 Phone: +86-752-2299187


Hearing Aids China Manufacturer https://www.jhhearingaids.com/

Hearing Aid online Shop https://jinghaomedical.com/

Hearing aids Amazon Shop https://www.amazon.com/jinghao?tag=jinghao-20

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