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Wales Troutmasters Reports for August 14th

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Wales Troutmasters Reports for August 14th

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Published on Monday, 17 August 2015 17:19

The Association's boats have been in regular use during the week, with good returns being made. Keith Higgins landed 15 fish over two sessions, while Shaun Cotterell caught 11 fish from his two boat tickets. Ken Bowring took his usual limit, while Steve Mitchell's first boat session realized seven rainbows. Day ticket members Leigh Kirkwood and Bob Bradley each landed five fish, Ken Pascoe caught four and an evening session saw committee man Keri Jones land three trout to a goldhead pattern. Around the banks of the reservoir, the top pond continues to be challenging but permit holder Jeff Wilson added a good fish to his bottom pond total of eight fish over two sessions, with a green and white lure proving very effective. Fisheries treasurer Colin Jones continues to enjoy a good season, with a further 11 fish caught over three evenings, mainly from the boat bank. Dave Arlotte caught five rainbows with Ken Pascoe, Roger Martin and James Francis each catching four fish mainly on nymphs. Cardiff member Ivor Thomas landed six fish over two visits with a further three fish being caught by Association president Martin Williams. Permit holders Brian Langley, Dave Howells, Alan Rees, Bernard Stephens and Martin Rees all caught two rainbows, while day ticket holder, Gino Alonzi also landed a brace. Fish are again showing mainly between the bush and the boat moorings while Pipe Bay has seen a good head of fish around the water inlet. Most effective flies during the week have been CdC and Shuttlecock Buzzers. Subject to weather conditions and subsequent water temperatures, the Association plans further stockings around the August Bank Holiday period.

At the weekend the weather conditions made fishing quite challenging, with bright sunlight and a flat calm for most of the day. Nevertheless general treasurer Gwyn Davies took advantage of some rare cloud cover, plus a hatch of ants, to land five good rainbows from the Pear Tree/dam corner, using an ant imitation dry fly. This catch added to Gwyn's earlier success on the top pond with two fish taken from the railings bank on weighted nymphs. Day visitor Mr W. Williams had good value for his £12 ticket with five trout to 2lb. An early morning session, fishing from the bush/Pipe Bay, by James Francis provided a brace of fish, with Adrian Connor also taking two fish to 2lb 8oz, from the boat steps on a Buzzer and a dry fly ant pattern, again from an early morning start.

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