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Ultrastrong Nanomaterilas with Shape Memory Alloy

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Ultrastrong Nanomaterilas with Shape Memory Alloy

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Published on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 10:45

According to report of medium, scientists have developed a new kind of revolutionary ultrastrong nanomaterials. It can be utilized for dental braces, implant, cable, solar panel, mobile phone or other devices. Science Magazine has published their research. Those researchers overcome a challenge called as Death Valley that scientists have been frustrated for more than 30 years.

It is without doubt that nanowires are a kind of nanomaterials which thickness is nanometer. Their hardness is higher than current materials by 10 times. Nanowires also have elasticity which makes them adjust different shapes and recover origin shapes at the same time. However, single nanowire is too tiny. It cannot be used for large size materials directly at present. Scientists try their efforts to develop a kind of materials called as loosing materials which have excellent mechanical properties as nanowires. But it is uneasy for them keeping elasticity and hardness of nanowires when they are used for structural use and combine with matrix materials. That is because nanowires have higher hardness and more elasticity than loosing materials.

To solve the problem, researchers have developed a new species of composite materials by using Nb nanowires which have been embedded Ni-Ti shape memory alloy. Shijie Hao in Beijing Petroleum University is the person in charge of program. Professor Yinong Liu of University of Western Australia said, finding a matrix which could be instead of ultrastrong nanowires will be the key. We tried to find all of matrix materials. But it failed. Then we used Ni-Ti shape memory alloy and dramatic changes took place. For 30 years, scientists were always dreaming that using nanowires to strengthen a matrix and then develop an ultrastrong material. While there was always something wrong with nanowires and interface of matrix, because matrix could not share load, and fell of at last.

Ni-Ti shape memory alloy undergoes a process named as martensitic transformation, which can rearrange lattice structure. That is different from those metals which have undergone damage of crystal structure under pressure. Yinong Liu said, being embedded matrix, the new nanowires would be used for manufacturing of cable, cores and ultrastrong construction materials of tubes. Their elastic strain was higher than original wires by 60% and that had never been seen before.

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