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Tungsten Trioxide Applicable In New Water Electrolyzing Catalyst

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tungsten Trioxide Applicable In New Water Electrolyzing Catalyst

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Published on Tuesday, 05 July 2016 18:28
Recently, the Chinese Academy of Physical and Chemical Research Institute has successfully synthesized a highly efficient water electrolyzing catalyst to achieve high efficiency at a low voltage of activating water molecules, and offered the potential for solving the future energy crisis. Hydrogen is considered as the best source of energy, unlike the other new energy sources, like solar, nuclear, ocean, biomass and geothermal energy and so on, it belongs to the energy of energetic body which is available direct combustion. Among the hydrogen production technologies, the way of solar water photolysis or photo-assisted electrolysis of water is one of the most promising and efficient pathway, which is depending on the semiconductor electrode, and moreover, the water electrolyzing catalyst can greatly improve the efficiency of water electrolysis hydrogen.


Zhang Rui, one of the researchers led his team carried out a in-depth study on the nanostructure of "Hydrotalcite (LDH)" clay mineral, through precise regulation of the hydrotalcite precursor morphology, and synthesized the ultra-thin and ultra-small heterogeneous nanostructures of NiO / TiO2by calcination under a high temperature. Studies have shown that this structure exhibited a superior catalytic performance in terms of electro-catalytic decomposition for generating hydrogen and oxygen. At the same time, studies have shown that the catalyst synthesis method is simple, and used the abundant nature of non-precious metal as the raw material, the obtained product of ultra-thin and ultra-small material of NiO / TiO2has the application value in the respects of electro-catalytic decomposition of water, capacitors ect.; also, it is applicable to other metal oxides (such as tungsten trioxide) to prepare the nanosheets electro-catalyst.
Tungsten (W) , an element of the transition metal in ⅥB family; tungsten trioxide is an important oxide in the tungsten metallurgical industry, which has semiconductor property; because of its catalytic property, it is commonly used in the preparation of the denitration, hydrodesulfurization, photocatalyst and other catalysts. Study on catalyst of titanium dioxide has been more than 40 years, while the international research on tungsten trioxide applied on the photocatalyst, water electrolysis catalyst is just in the early phase, we believe that in the near future, researchers will slowly open the mystery of tungsten trioxide in this regard applications.
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