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Tungsten Products Price Will Maintain Stability

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tungsten Products Price Will Maintain Stability

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Published on Thursday, 28 December 2017 16:28

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from Chinatungsten Online: The tax law of environmental protection will soon be implemented in 2018, which brings good news for the whole industry chain. Thus the stability of tungsten price will continue. While the thin terminal market also means a mood of caution covering the tungsten market.

Pressed by the environmental protection policy, it is not possible for some medium and smaller mines to restart production. Most sellers and traders are bullish on the market due to the shortage of tungsten ore and the rising of raw material costs. Considering the weak demand, tungsten market and tungsten products price will maintain stability.

Tungsten raw materials are rare as well as have high price, so trading volume is thin in the ammonium paratungstate market. Meanwhile, slow production process for downstream tungsten products and cautious enquiry limit the rise of ammonium paratungstate price.

In the tungsten powder market, tungsten, cobalt and other metals have been rising since the beginning of this year, resulting the increase of production costs of downstream products, accordingly. Recently, some alloy enterprises also have rised some products price, giving supports for smelting factories. 

Taken together, market demand remains at a low level before the holiday. With the improving acceptance of high tungsten raw material price and favorable news of policy, short-term tungsten price is expected to be stable with good momentum.

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