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Tungsten prices stable weak, prices were slightly lower

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tungsten prices stable weak, prices were slightly lower

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Published on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 14:23

Tungsten market: weak tungsten prices stable, prices were slightly lower, some businesses intend to take the opportunity to purchase some supply lower prices, but shipments will not hold stocks, tungsten prices were slightly lower after another, tungsten ore demand is low, turnover light, hold stocks cheap shipping will not, result in tungsten ore deal stalemate. Tungsten scrap market is relatively strong, the business mentality is still disagreement, very price and pessimism coexist. Currently the market is still a certain demand, but the poor performance of the overall turnover, short-term market is expected to continue to be weak to run.

Molybdenum market: Molybdenum products market is relatively stable, maintaining the sidelines of foreign businesses. Although the actual inquiry more, but the volume failed to enlarge. Some brokers operate will increase, while manufacturers are more focused on external offer. Molybdenum primary market products continue to release stabilized signal. Molybdenum market or expected short-term stability.

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