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Tungsten Prices in Chinese Market Maintained Stability

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tungsten Prices in Chinese Market Maintained Stability

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Published on Monday, 17 July 2017 11:17

Tungsten market in China is flat. Excepting that a Fujian tungsten enterprise listed a slightly modified price for long term order, the overall upstream and downstream enterprises of industry chain were at a stalemate. Without positive guidance, prices mainly continued a consolidation pattern.

Though the optimistic view of prices is strong, the transaction in tungsten concentrate market is still relatively stalling as a result of the downstream smelting enterprises’ limited acceptance of high prices and the difficulty to get higher prices. Currently, prices of tungsten concentrates are mostly RMB 81,000 – 84,000/ton.
In APT market, cost pressures and the downstream demand for raw materials are still at a stalemate. Due to the optimistic attitude, the possibility that prices may decline is low. The downstream enterprises had no compromise move due to the fewer demands. And as they are conditioned, market purchases and enquiry are flat. Currently, the APT prices are mostly around RMB 1,270,000 – 1,290,000/ton.
In terms of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide, the tight raw material supply rarely has positive effects on them. Additionally, as new orders in the off-season market are fewer, the steady market prices has no obvious signs of growth. Currently, the tungsten powder prices are mostly RMB 198 – 202/kg.
Overall, the supply and requisitioning parties in tungsten market are still at a stalemate. Near the end of the week, the market is mostly wait – and – see, waiting for next week’s new round of guidance prices for long term order.
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