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Tungsten ore market sentiment strong, thinly traded

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tungsten ore market sentiment strong, thinly traded

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Published on Tuesday, 02 December 2014 13:55

Two days Scheelite abnormal turnover was light, and the prices Yindie strong market sentiment is expected to slow this week, down the main tungsten concentrate prices stable. On the one hand, the Pan Asia suspend APT, tungsten concentrate raw weaker market demand, prudent operating downstream smelters home, less procurement requirements, resulting in fewer market transactions; other hand, the guide price to be announced this week in December, the downstream the purchaser and tungsten ore business and more on the sidelines, waiting for the resolution to do guided introduction, many smelters home even suspend operations.

It is understood that now offer 60 degrees wolframite concentrate in 8.3-8.4 yuan / ton, and then the actual turnover has dropped to 8.1-8.2 yuan / ton; 60 degrees scheelite offer concentrated in 8.1-8.2 ten thousand yuan / ton, then the market has now 80,000 yuan / ton of inquiry, scheelite and 55 degrees lower element slightly excessive prices.

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