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Tungsten Ore Continued Oversupply,Weak Ore Price Rise

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tungsten Ore Continued Oversupply,Weak Ore Price Rise

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Published on Thursday, 29 May 2014 11:42

Mine take the goods to normal, no pressure on the stock, but the price is still low-bit, multi-select only a small amount of goods to go in order to maintain the old customer relationships; cargo operators reluctant to sell to raise prices, but high shipping scarce; portion of raw material inventory is limited due to the smelter home needs procurement and slightly raise the inquiry, limited purchases of market support is not enough. Additionally, no significant improvement in the domestic downstream demand, the terminal carbide tools recently on account of weak demand and slightly lower prices. Summary of the domestic tungsten concentrate is still oversupply, late ore price rise fatigue, short-term focus on tungsten concentrate prices or mainstream 10.5-10.8 yuan / ton.

It is understood that tungsten concentrate smelter offer strong, lift slightly compared to last week, 65 percent wolframite 10.6-10.7 yuan / ton, 65% scheelite 10.5-10.6 yuan / ton; mine although received Inquiry low, but the external offer price 1.45 yuan has now / degree.

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