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Tungsten fishing sinkers is necessity for fishing

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tungsten fishing sinkers mainly depends on the throwing force of the fisherman to drive the bait hook far casting, and to fix it in the water to catch a depth level. Tungsten fishing sinkers can be as small as 1/32oz for shallow water or even smaller for flying fish.Or up to a dozen ounces for deep-sea fishing.
Tungsten fishing weight have different shape, the environment is a major problem to choose its material.
Tungsten fishing weight is usually made of lead, with a hook, and is usually covered with soft material to attract fish.However, in recent years, tungsten fishing ice jig with high specific gravity produced from clean metal has a large fishing ratio (>18g/cc), small volume, strong wind resistance, light water intake, and fast sink, making it a good substitute for lead fishing sinkers.
Feature of tungsten fishing weight -Tungsten ≥95%– Small size, high density– Wind resistance– Inner hole grinding treatment, overall polished– Chamfering processing– Electrostatic coating
We can supply tungsten fishing sinker, carbide ball, tungsten slotted bead with different shape. And manufactured according to your drawings.

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