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Tungsten Carbide Press Bars Enhances Vegetable Oil Production Efficiency

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tungsten Carbide Press Bars Enhances Vegetable Oil Production Efficiency

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Published on Monday, 14 October 2019 09:49

Tungsten carbide wear-resisting press bars are available and with the great physical and chemical performance that largely enhances vegetable oil production efficiency. Vegetable oil is the most important ingredient in our daily life. The oil press is the most critical equipment for the production of vegetable oil, and then squeeze bar is one of the main working parts of the oil press. To support the pressed material, improving the service life of the strip has become an urgent problem for the manufacturers of plants and presses.

At present, the wear-resistant treatment process of the pressed strip is mainly based on carburizing treatment, which means it requires for long production cycle, large power consumption, high cost, large deformation, and low hardness. Although the production cost of the carburizing strip is low, the service life is short, generally about 10 days, and the frequent replacement of the strip not only causes the shutdown of production but also increases the production cost of the oil plant. A new type of tungsten carbide wear-resistant strip has emerged for the problem of the short cycle time of carburizing.

Tungsten carbide (WC) material owns excellent comprehensive properties such as high hardness, high wear resistance, high chemical stability, and high-temperature resistance. It is the most widely used and most applicable machining tool material and is widely used in vehicles, milling, reaming, boring, drilling, grinding as well as in other tools. WC is an ideal coating material with high-temperature resistance and wears resistance. Spraying wear-resistant tungsten carbide coating on the device can greatly improve its performance and service life.

Beijing Kooben Technology Co., Ltd has launched a new type of WC wear-resistant strip, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of the oil press, reduce the downtime and repair time and the frequency of press bars replacement, and reduce the labor intensity of workers, bringing a very obvious economy to oil companies. benefit.

The successful research, popularization, and application of tungsten carbide wear-resistant press bars for vegetable oil production can not only bring convenience and economic benefits to oil plant users, but also improve the technical level and market competitiveness of domestic oil presses and promote the scientific and technological progress of the grain machine manufacturing industry.


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