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Tungsten Carbide Indexable Inserts

What is tungsten Carbide Indexable Inserts?

A cutting bit that has multiple cutting edges. Once a cutting edge is excessively worn, it can be indexed to another edge, or the insert can be replaced.

The development of carbide indexable insert has not only promoted the technology of cutting tools, but also the developemtn of cutting tools manufacturing technology.

Advantage of Carbide Indexable Inserts

By comparison with welding blade, the advance of indexable inserts are significantly reflected as follows:

  • high working efficiency;
  • could be re-usable, which save additional cost;
  • long service life;
  • excellent accuracy of positioning.
  • Installing Indexable Inserts

When changing the inserts, it is important to clean the insert, insert shim, insert barrel and every interfaces. There should not be any other chips or scraps.

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