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The Principle of Armour-piercing Bullet

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The Principle of Armour-piercing Bullet

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Published on Wednesday, 09 July 2014 14:43

Armor-piercing bullet has a reputation for strong drill, as the saying goes, diamond cut diamond.

It mainly by the projectile hit targets in a large kinetic energy and high breakdown strength steel armor itself.To breakdown armor of the target without the great self-conditions is not enough. The projectile of armor piercing bullet is made by high-density tungsten alloy, which is harder than the armor of tank.
Every single bullet have hard warhead. It’s the sworn enemies for attack the tank and armored vehicles, also for concrete work.

When launched, the bullet under the action of high temperature and high pressure gas in the chamber, hit a target, it will make a pit. Meanwhile, the bullet will replace the surface of steel armor pit bottom. Although the warhead has burst, but the Projectile under the impact of the strong inertial force, it will continue to forward. When the impact force reaches a certain value, the fuse is triggered, and it caused the explosion of the projectile charge. This would produce dozens of tons to hundreds of tons of high pressure on each square centimeter. Thus, it get the Purpose of destruction.

Now we know, the Penetrator penetrating power mainly comes from the kinetic energy projectile motion.

Tungsten alloy has many excellent characteristics, its high density, good thermal stability, non-toxic, non-polluting, and many other advantages, has been widely used in military category, and gradually replace other military metal.


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