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The Martin Memorial 301 Shoot

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The Martin Memorial 301 Shoot

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Published on Friday, 06 February 2015 17:44

The Martin Memorial Shoot is held in March of each year at Steamers Sports Pub and pays tribute to the Martin Family, whose members were key in the founding organized darts in the Charlotte area.  Members of the Martin Family come from all over the state to sponsor this event.   2015 will mark the 25th year of this event and its is a fantastic way to become in involved with darts for the following reasons:

It is a one-day Singles 301 event and there is no entry fee.There are prizes and trophies for the winners.The family gives away a free t-shirt to each participant, commemorating the event.There is also a youth event so that even kids can participate.  The photos in the slideshow below are from the 2014 Youth event.  Thanks to everyone who participated this year!


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