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The CUDL is Starting Soon with Popular Tungsten Darts

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The CUDL is Starting Soon with Popular tungsten Darts

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Published on Friday, 15 April 2016 17:13
In early March 2016, Chinese Darts Association issued the notice about the 2016 China University’s Darts League (CUDL). It is composed of races and finals; the playing time is from the beginning of April 2016 until the end of December. The races’ places can be arranged in chronological order as follows: Beijing Station in April, Hainan Station in May, Shanghai Station in June, Tianjin Station in July, Qingdao Station in August, Harbin Station in September, Guangzhou station in October, Jinan Station in November, and Nanjing Station in December. Contestants are college students of major colleges and universities in the way of the team or group. Each school can choose to send four teams; each team must be not less than 4 people and have a female member at least. Competition is divided into community groups, women's groups and men's groups, if the group integration standings of the previous 64, women's and men's athlete's personal ranking the first 128, then can enter CUDL finals.
This competition obtained great attentions of China’s major colleges and universities, and the darts that being welcomed by many participants are mainly tungsten dart. Usually tungsten dart for game is made of 90% tungsten, because the tungsten content is too high will increase the brittleness of darts, it will occur the fracture problem if do not use carefully. Due to the high density property of tungsten alloy, it can achieve high specific gravity with small size. That tungsten darts volume can be made very small, but the weight and hand feeling is still the same, and will be very easy to carry. That is why a tungsten dart is welcomed by people. In addition, tungsten dart with good stability and maneuverability is easy to control, so it is the first choice of dart for many people in competition, and being greatly popular among the participants of CUDL. We will continue to focus on the subsequent game messages.
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