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Strategic Reserves Implement of Rare Earth Products

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Strategic Reserves Implement of Rare Earth Products

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Published on Wednesday, 21 April 2021 14:34

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has publicly solicited opinions on the 'Regulations on Rare Earth Management (Draft for Comments)', proposed that the state implement total quota management on rare earth mining, smelting and separation, implement strategic reserves of rare earth products.

Since the beginning of this year, the prices of mainstream rare earths have been on the rise, and the mainstream heavy rare earths have been on the rise. Rare earth prices are expected to start a long-term trend in 2021, and the profits of leading companies in the upper reaches of the rare earth industry chain are expected to be released.

China's light rare earth production has the advantages of absolute low costs. The domestic light rare earth resources are mainly distributed in the Baiyun Obo mining area in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. The companies use the tailings pond resources after iron is extracted to refine rare earth concentrates, and then further smelt them to produce rare earth oxides.

Ionic rare earth minerals rich in medium and heavy rare earth metals are unique resources in a few countries such as China. Such resource deposits have shallow buried depths and are less difficult to mine.

Rare earths own excellent magnetic, optical, and electrical properties. They are widely applied in various fields, among which magnetic materials account for the highest proportion. The neodymium iron boron permanent magnet material is the third-generation permanent magnet material, with the best magnetic properties and the best overall performance. China's NdFeB production accounts for more than 90% of the world's total production. The overall production capacity is overcapacity but the high-end production capacity is insufficient.

Novel energy vehicles are the core growth point of future consumption; the improvement of national energy efficiency standards in the field of inverter air conditioners will bring long-term policy support.

Looking ahead, domestic rare earth products made by light REEs are facing international market competition, and prices are expected to remain weak; the tight supply of medium and heavy rare earths, coupled with the expectation of purchasing and storage, is expected to gradually rise in the price center.

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