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Scheelite stabilized buoyant Cause Analysis

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Scheelite stabilized buoyant Cause Analysis

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Published on Friday, 06 February 2015 13:45

Pan Asia APT return after the storm, the first week, the market came to purchasing and storage of messages, play a role in the city of tungsten ballast stone; secondly, February 5 the central bank deposit reserve down 0.5 percent, tungsten business funding tensions expected to improve; and finally, yesterday, CMN, Ganzhou tungsten Association, Jiang W tripartite February quoted Qi rise, which in turn further the city laid early 2015 tungsten prices climb up the trend.

With the advent of the traditional Spring Festival, tungsten municipal activity declined in February 2015 wolframite ore price stabilization or mainstream, hard cash purchase, or mainstream ore prices hovering at 85,000 yuan / ton; then the Lantern Festival, hot money, downstream buyers have returned to the city or, ore price or with a slow upward trend. Since January 2014, the current rally has never been guided for 14 consecutive months, this month is the first increase.

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