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Researchers develop new Tungsten Nano laser

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Researchers develop new tungsten Nano laser

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Published on Friday, 17 April 2015 14:45

When operating temperature 130K, tungsten just need 27nW Nano laser pumping energy. The researchers believe that due to the small size and low power consumption, tungsten photonic integrated circuits based nano lasers become a good substitute.

Researchers at Washington University and Stanford University have developed the device, the key is that they add a layer of tungsten photonic crystal selenium film on the chamber of the device. The study, published in Nature (doi: 10.1038 / nature14290). University of Washington doctoral student Wu Sanfeng introduction: "This is a recent discovery of this new type of semiconductor is very thin, and can be very efficient light-emitting researchers based on this material. characteristics, being produced transistors, light emitting diodes and solar cells, as well as tungsten Nano laser. "Meanwhile, researchers using another atomic sheet as the laser gain medium, can achieve a variety of purposes, for more convenient control of the laser to provide the conditions.

University of Washington professor Arka Majumdar introduction: "When using other materials, the gain medium is embedded, it is impossible to change our nano laser, you can remove or add such a monolayer structure, very convenient.."

Tungsten diselenide layer structure can be a direct bandgap exciton specifically limited in the scope of the luminal surface of 1nm. This material can also be achieved through a flexible external control laser operation, such as electrostatic gating and conduction current injection.

Ultra-thin semiconductor film laid photon cavity surface

The study was funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Energy, the European Commission and the Washington Institute for clean energy.

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