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Nanosized Ceramic Powder Market—Tungsten Oxide

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Nanosized Ceramic Powder Market—tungsten Oxide

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Published on Thursday, 17 March 2016 18:57

Global markets advanced nano-ceramic and ceramic powder should show a solid, and the growth rate of nano-ceramic powder segment should be more than doubled advanced ceramic powder segment, at 2021 significantly expand its overall market share.

Both advanced ceramic and nano-ceramic powders belong to functional ceramics, which can be used in cutting tools to artificial bone implants, mechanical seals, ceramic liners, bearings, thread guides ect.. At present, major efforts are underway to apply structural ceramics to automotive reciprocation engines for wear components.

The performance improvements are the driving force behind the continued development and commercialization of high-performance ceramic coatings. These coatings are generally applied to engineering metals, like titanium alloys, tungsten carbides and other ceramics.

Oxide ceramics will continue to stay in the leading position. Tungsten trioxide being an important functional material is widely applied in electrochromic, toxic gas detection and photocatalytic degradation ect.. High purity tungsten trioxide dense ceramics as a target purposes is particularly important to form an industrialization. Thus reducing the production cost of tungsten trioxide film, sets the foundation for better preparation and properties of tungsten trioxide thin films.

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