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Nano Tungsten Oxide for the Treatment of Colitis

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Nano tungsten Oxide for the Treatment of Colitis

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Published on Thursday, 14 October 2021 15:52

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a non-specific chronic intestinal inflammatory disease, mainly including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. 

It is characterized by disruption of the intestinal barrier function and prolonged mucosal inflammation. Recently, microbiota-based strategies are an attractive paradigm for the treatment of IBD. Nano tungsten oxide particles (WO3NPs) have a certain therapeutic potential for DSS-induced acute colitis in mice.

Nano tungsten oxide (WO3NPs) has attracted much attention because of its unique physical and chemical properties and huge application potential in biomedical fields such as biosensors, photoacoustic imaging, and tumor therapy. Compared with free tungsten (sodium tungstate), WO3NPs (diameter 47.9 nm) can significantly reduce intestinal inflammation, weaken bacterial translocation, restore the colonic epithelial barrier, and reshape the intestinal microbiota homeostasis in the inflamed colon. Elemental quantification and mapping results show that WO3NPs can increase the adhesion of tungsten to enterobacteria in the colon mucus layer, inhibit the growth of enterobacteria through microbial metabolism, and improve colitis.

The treatment method of this nano tungsten oxide reduces its deposition in the main organs except the colon, thereby improving the treatment effect and has good biological safety. It can be found that WO3NPs has a certain effect in the potential nano-treatment of the anti-microbial invasion process in the treatment of IBD. Compared with Na2WO4, 5-ASA and ZnONPs, WO3NPs has a stronger therapeutic effect on acute colorectitis. Therefore, WO3NPs may be used as a safe and effective MBT nanomedicine for the clinical treatment of IBD.

Nano Tungsten Oxide for the Treatment of Colitis

Nano Tungsten Oxide for the Treatment of Colitis


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