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Jiangxi Copper’s Tungsten Mine Project in Kazakhstan Lunched

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Jiangxi Copper’s tungsten Mine Project in Kazakhstan Lunched

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Published on Tuesday, 15 December 2020 20:04

The groundbreaking ceremony for the early construction of the Bakuta Tungsten Mine Project was held at the mine site in Kazakhstan. The construction of the Bakuta Tungsten Mine Project, a joint venture between China Jiangxi Copper and Kazakhstan, has officially started, marking a milestone in the construction of the project.

Jiangxi Copper is the largest copper producer in Mainland China. Its operations include copper mining, milling, smelting and refining to produce copper-related products, including pyrite concentrates, sulfuric acid and electrolytic gold and silver. Its headquarters is at Guixi, Jiangxi, China. Jiangxi Copper manufactures 340,000 tons of copper annually from its mines, which include the Dexing and Yongping pits and the Wushan, Jiangxi, underground mine.

The company is also engaged in the production, processing and sale of copper cathodes, copper rods and wires and other related products. The company also provides precious metals such as gold and silver; chemical products such as sulfuric acid and sulfur ore concentrate; as well as rare metals and minerals such as molybdenum, selenium, rhenium, tellurium and bismuth.

The Bakuta Tungsten Mine mining area is located in the east of Almaty central city, 150 km away from Horgos Port of China's largest port in Xinjiang. This project is currently the country's top ten mines in the seventh and largest tungsten ore in Kazakhstan, the reserves of tungsten ore are top ten of the world. The roduction quota system is carried out in order to protect resources, and Bakuta Tungsten ore has no restrictions on production and sales, so this project has a great competitive advantage.

Bakuta Mine owns world-class tungsten resources. After the project is completed, it will become one of the world's largest single tungsten mines with the largest production capacity. The annual tungsten concentrate output is expected to exceed the world tungsten mine. 10% of the annual output of concentrate has good economic and social benefits.

The early construction of the Bakuta Tungsten Mine Project partly run by Jiangxi Copper was undertaken by the Kazakhstan Branch of China Civil Engineering Group. The construction unit promises high standards, strict requirements, careful organization, scientific construction, to ensure safety, environmental protection. It will complete the construction tasks on time and strive to build a "world-class project".

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