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High quality tungsten alloy safety hammer tip

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tungsten alloy safety hammer tipSafety hammer, also known as lifesaving hammer, is generally 13.5cm long, 7cm wide and 2.5cm thick. The color is usually eye-catching red, and the weight is usually 150g. It is very convenient to carry.  It is an escape aid mounted in an enclosed compartment.  In case of emergency such as fire or falling into water in closed compartments such as cars, take off the safety hammer, hold the hammer body and hit the four corners and edges of the glass with the metal head.  Due to the high hardness, wear resistance, high bending strength and other excellent properties of hard alloy materials, is used as the best choice of metal head part of the material.  Nowadays, the scope of use of car safety hammer is not only limited to the car, but also can do outdoor wild, self-defense, lifesaving tools and so on.  Zhuzhou pintejin since its inception, specializing in the development and production of tungsten steel alloy safety hammer tip.   Zhuzhou pintejin production of high quality tungsten alloy safety hammer tip products:  1, with high hardness and wear resistance, especially at a higher temperature still has a high hardness;  2, with high elastic modulus;  3, with high bending strength;   4, has more stable chemical properties, acid and alkali resistance, even at high temperature does not occur obvious oxidation  Contact:vincentMob: +86159277014
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