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Hard Tungsten Scrap Prices In US

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Hard tungsten Scrap Prices In US

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Published on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 09:58

Hard tungsten scrap  prices keep at USD12.25-12.75/lb for consumers; a USD0.25/lb increase compared to late April.

US has been reporting slightly higher figures over the past two weeks from what seems to be caused by rampant buying of tungsten products last month by large Chinese players. Players noted a rather interesting anomaly, mentioning that other areas of the market are still operating at an unchanged pace while scrap activity seems to be upticking as well.

Some commented that there could be some future growth in the manufacturing sector due to the recent appreciation, however, many believe that raw materials were primarily forced up, causing the entire market to experience an uptick with minimal product available for purchase.

One US-based distributor of hard tungsten scrap, who quoted rates at USD12.50-12.75/lb, stated that he was able to sell his position a week-and-a-half ago at USD12.75/lb with no negation or difficulty.

The source mentioned that major consumers seem to be buying now, which could show concern for future availability in the short-term. With scrap prices up, along with carbide, he believes the next few months could bring with it some interesting activity.

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