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ForeverMetals Offers Tungsten Rings For a Discount For Valentine’s Day

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ForeverMetals Offers tungsten Rings For a Discount For Valentine’s Day

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Published on Wednesday, 06 February 2013 09:45

Forevermetals, a Tungsten ring retailer is offering a discount code to help customers with their Valentine’s Day purchases. From February 4th until February 13th a discount code for 20% off can be added to the shopping cart to reflect special savings. The coupon code love20 is being offered to help ease the expense of purchasing Valentine’s Day gifts for the special people on their lives. The discount can be used to purchase any in stock tungsten wedding rings, Ceramic rings, watches and pendants. The coupon code cannot be applied to custom orders or specialized engravings.

Forever Metals has one of the largest, most unique collections of tungsten rings and wedding bands on the internet. Collections include the popular Celtic collection, colored tungsten consisting of black and gold and an assortment of inlays consisting of redwood, abalone shell and carbon fiber. Forever Metals also manufactures a large collection of classic wedding bands to accommodate both men and women. Along with customers being able to shop the in stock rings that are available for immediate shipment the customization option is always available. Gary Camphausen, owner of Forever Metals, believes that allowing customers to customize rings will add a special touch to the rings they plan to wear for the rest of their lives. In the past couple of years tungsten carbide has been gaining popularity due to more customers learning about the strength and durability of the metal over the traditional gold and platinum.

Forever Metals encourages shoppers to buy with confidence when choosing tungsten carbide. The metal is long lasting and comes in many different price points to accommodate almost every shopper. The large, ever growing collection of rings, will also grab virtually everyone’s attention.


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