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Ferro Molybdenum Price – December 7, 2020

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Ferro Molybdenum Price – December 7, 2020

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Published on Monday, 07 December 2020 18:35

Molybdenum market quotation in China: molybdenum oxide, molybdenum powder and ferro molybdenum prices remain stable in early December, 2020 affected by low buying appetite of market participants. 

With the impact of the rebound in international molybdenum prices and the willingness of some steel companies to actively enter the market for bidding, many molybdenum chemical companies are still reluctant to sell and reduce price for more orders. In addition, individual mining companies in Inner Mongolia have temporarily suspended long-term sales, which will also have a positive effect on the market rebound. In the short term, industry players will focus on market demand and product prices around New Year's Day. 

In late November, the key statistical iron and steel enterprises produced a total of 21,057.3 million tons of crude steel, 18.436,700 tons of pig iron, 21,357,300 tons of steel, and 3.4242 million tons of coke.

Prices of molybdenum products on December 7, 2020

Picture of molybdenum crucible 

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