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Environmental Policy and Brexit Affected Tungsten Market

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Environmental Policy and Brexit Affected tungsten Market

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Published on Monday, 04 July 2016 19:08

In late June, Chinese announced the "National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes" 2016 edition. The catalogue noted the tungsten slag which produced for ammonium paratungstate alkaline decomposition process and molybdenum slag which produced form molybdenum removal process and waste water are included in the non-ferrous metal smelting waste, belong to toxic smelting waste. But other tungsten products smelting slag has not yet been included in the catalogue.

In June 29, 2016, Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association held a meeting with APT smelting enterprises directors. This meeting fully analyzed the impact of this environmental policy on APT smelting enterprises and discussed the appropriate response options. This environmental policy will begin on August 1 and for APT smelting enterprises still have one month grace period. The relevant manufacturers can find a way to solve the difficulties and problems. It is said environmental policy will not great influence on the smelting factory, mainly because tungsten market is now at a low season, having low operating rates, so the prices continued to slight decline and tungsten raw material and tungsten finished manufacturers enthusiasm is not high.

Brexit resulting pound continues to fall, the euro against the dollar also fell more than three percent, while the swiss franc and the Japanese yen has been skyrocketing. Brexit direct affects the global currency market. In order to stabilize the economy, many countries have begun to currency intervention. Europe As a cross-border export electricity supplier important market, is now in the economy shocks and the pound and the euro will likely continued to depreciate, which to some extent, in favor of tungsten market import, such as imports of tungsten related equipment. But in this economic situation will reduce the profits of business, which is not conducive to exports. The official pointed out, the current China logistics companies which employ cross-border e-commence in EU usually through the UK into the EU, therefore the British leaved form Europe have a certain impact on China-EU cross-border logistics service providers. Brexit will make the global economy in long grace period, so countries should make corresponding measures to stabilize their economies.

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