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Develop Tungsten Has Great significance

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Develop tungsten Has Great significance

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Published on Thursday, 10 July 2014 15:28

China has almost 70% of the global tungsten mineral resources, greater reserves, while more than 80% of annual output of tungsten is supplied by China. Overall, the five major groups in China have controlled more than 51% of tungsten resources in domestic and nearly 35% around the world. We expect the five major groups will have a wave of regulation on tungsten industry in our country in 2014 from monopoly of the global supply of tungsten. And tungsten is the irreplaceable foundation and strategic resource national for economy and modern defence. The future of tungsten demand will continue to maintain a rapid and stable growth rate.

Since the 1960 s, after scientists discovered electrochromic during oxidation of interim metal, more than 50 years of research have constantly lead to surprising results. Tungsten oxide not only has excellent electrochromic effect, also plays an important role in many other relevant field. The unique properties of tungsten oxide have the significant value and wide application foreground on photochemical water splitting into hydrogen, chemistry, biosensor, Photoelectron catalytic, high-temperature superconducting and other aspects. In recent years, the emergence of Nanostructured tungsten oxide will have a great influence on the science and technology.


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