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Combining Lithium Battery to UPS: Huawei SmartLi Solution

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Combining Lithium Battery to UPS: Huawei SmartLi Solution

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Published on Monday, 22 June 2020 21:43

Huawei integrates lithium battery with UPS to create the SmartLi Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) solution. As the heart of the data center, the UPS is directly related to the reliability and stability of the battery. Especially with the advent of the era of cloud computing, AI, and big data, traditional lead-acid batteries can no longer meet the ever-increasing business of data centers. Data centers require larger-capacity lithium batteries to ensure uninterrupted operation and maintenance. Li-on solutions will be increasingly deployed in data centers around the world.

Intelligent battery management helps users reduce operating costs. As the demand for high-performance technology continues to grow, data centers have become larger and more complex. As an innovator in the power supply and distribution sector, Huawei has integrated electronic and intelligent digital technologies to create the UPS solution. By combining Li-ion battery technology with a unique modular design, SmartLi UPS reinvents the power supply system for next generation data centers.

Huawei UPS lithium batteries use lithium iron phosphate cells. Through the industry's unique active current sharing control technology, it supports the mix-use of new and old batteries. At the same time, it helps data center users reduce operating costs by implementing intelligent battery management. Featuring the latest UPS power module, with a high density of 100 kW/3U, and boosting efficiency up to 97%, "1 MW, 1 Rack" can be achieved: this effectively reduces the power supply's physical footprint by 50%, at the same time as increasing revenue, by freeing up more space for cabinets – and lowering overall costs for enterprises.

Huawei's intelligent lithium battery UPS system guarantees from many aspects, whether it is from the design concept or product development, it closely follows the power supply and distribution needs of large data centers, perfecting input and output cabinets and UPS. The integration of the system, while reducing the redundant power distribution, can also save users floor space and installation time.

Through the full-module redundancy design, the system is guaranteed to be single-point and fault-free. At the same time, it has iPower full-link visualization function, key component failure warning, and fire risk shutdown function in advance, which can ensure the reliable operation of the system and simplify operation and maintenance. Datacenter operation and maintenance are more intelligent.

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, the self-developed UPS lithium battery energy storage system solution has higher reliability. Adopt a BMS system from battery cell to battery cabinet to ensure the reliability of the lithium battery layer by layer, providing users with efficient and reliable power supply power guarantee. At present, Huawei SmartLi UPS lithium battery solution has been widely used in many data centers around the world. With its high reliability, stability, energy-saving, and intelligence, it has won high recognition from users.

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