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Chinese Plunged Platinum Demand Makes Tungsten Gold-Plated Products Popular

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Chinese Plunged Platinum Demand Makes tungsten Gold-Plated Products Popular

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Published on Thursday, 19 May 2016 17:17
Platinum is a kind of precious metal with pure white appearance, which has always been welcomed by people. Platinum is very rare, so its value is far higher than gold, it also exists as a "luxury" in many people’s eyes. But in recent years the price of platinum has been on the decline, its price is even lower than gold. The domestic market demand for platinum also plunged, making platinum jewelry "hard to find."
China is a big consumer of platinum jewelry in the world, according to statistics, in 2015, due to the decline of the Chinese platinum jewelry purchases, the global platinum jewelry demand fell by 4%. Since platinum jewelry prices are falling, but why demand is much less of it? The reason is that although platinum is rare than gold, but it does not have hedging value as gold. Since 2015, the international platinum trading price is much lower than gold, but in the Chinese consumer market, the retail price has been high, which many consumers feel "suffer." Meanwhile, as China's slowing economic growth and the impact of corruption, many people changed their consumer behaviors, for such expensive consumer demand also significantly reduced.
Platinum’s demand Plunged, while tungsten gold-plated products are very popular. Tungsten gold-plated products, as name suggested that are manufactured by tungsten alloy and then do gold plating on its surface after, which can be used as handicrafts, collections or business gifts, such as tungsten gold-plated bars, tungsten gold plated coins, tungsten gold-plated rings, necklaces, etc. Tungsten gold-plated products can be plated with gold, silver, as well as platinum; so that makes tungsten gold-plated products have the equally attractive appearances like real gold, silver or platinum’s products. Because of the unique high-density, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance of tungsten alloy, tungsten gold-plated products are very durable, and the price is also appropriate. Therefore, as highly cost-effective products, tungsten gold-plated products are more and more popular. But our tungsten gold-plated products are merely used as ornamental, collectors and gifts; they can not be used to do illegal things. It requires us to be vigilant when purchasing precious metals products.
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