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China’s Underwater Glider Makes the US Submarine Nowhere to Hide

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China’s Underwater Glider Makes the US Submarine Nowhere to Hide

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Published on Friday, 29 September 2017 17:18

In recent days, China's 12 underwater glider to the South China Sea operations, foreign media discuss its performance and interpret its application in the military field prospects.

It is generally believed that with the development of heavy industry and cutting-edge technology such as iron and steel, tungsten and molybdenum rare earth, the strength of China's military industry is not the same, and the future China is expected to build a strong military industry system dominating the world. With the Chinese 12 underwater glider operations in the South China Sea, its excellent and unique properties and applications in the military field will make the U.S. submarine nowhere to hide.

American "Newsweek" website published in July 26th entitled "the UAV model underwater, China forces can make the United States Navy dead in the water" reported that China hope to defend its territorial sovereignty in the Asia Pacific region from the USA, and Beijing's latest offshore tool will be able to track The Pentagon submarines faster than ever. China claims to have placed 12 drones in the depths of the South China Sea, known as gliders, to collect environmental data, Newsweek quoted 23 daily news agency as saying. The report describes the high-tech glider, called the "wing", as a more efficient, less enduring and less energy-efficient underwater robot, which can transmit underwater data in real time, even if the United States has not yet mastered the technology. These research facilities are not equipped with weapons, but they can be used to detect American submarines navigating the waters of China's claims of sovereignty.

"Sea wings" can dive to more than 20764 feet (about 6329 meters) depth, breaking the United States previously maintained 16964 feet (5170 meters) world record. Unique battery design and special coat protection enable the "Sea Wing" to withstand more than 60 tons of water pressure. Because of the minimal energy consumption and low underwater noise, the application prospect of the unmanned platform in military field can be described as very broad and significant.

Trump has been approved by Matisse on the expansion in the South China Sea "freedom of navigation" action, for this cause deterioration of the military situation in "behavior, Chinese forces must be prepared and take the necessary measures to deal with. In addition, the South China Sea is China's search and rescue area, China has the obligation to more comprehensive understanding of the sea area of the marine environment, and its implementation of a large area of control.


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