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China Terbium Oxide Prices – Nov. 13, 2019

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China Terbium Oxide Prices – Nov. 13, 2019

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Published on Wednesday, 13 November 2019 17:04

Rare earth market quotation in China: the latest of terbium oxide and praseodymium oxide prices edged lower while dysprosium oxide and DyFe prices climbed slightly in the middle of the week Wednesday November 13, 2019. 

In the light rare earth market, the prices of praseodymium and neodymium oxide products fell slightly due to the downward price of listed Mining Circle. Under the influence of a slight slowdown in global manufacturing growth, the downward pressure on the market gradually appeared. There were not many enquiries from suppliers who faced pressure of sales and were cautious to make offers. 

In the medium-heavy rare earth market, the price decline of mainstream products has slowed slightly compared with the previous ones, and the trend was slightly different. The enterprises were still under the pressure of cost, supply and demand, capital, etc., mainly replying on rigid demand. The recent clear definition of the total amount of rare earth mining and smelting separation has a certain positive direction for the market. No unit or individual can produce without plan and super plan. The market consolidation in the market is still strong, but some operators are worried about the increase in the amount of mining. At present, the overall supply and demand of the rare earth market is still in the game situation.

Prices of rare earth products on Nov. 13, 2019

Picture of terbium oxide

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