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China Ferro Tungsten Price Stabilizes Due to Tight Supply

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China Ferro tungsten Price Stabilizes Due to Tight Supply

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Published on Monday, 25 January 2021 19:51

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten powder prices in China remain stable early this week. Downstream purchasers are not active in stocking while raw material suppliers consider profit-taking. The supply of spot resources increases, but actual transactions are in a stalemate. 

In the short term, market participants will wait for the new guide price for the second half of January. In the meantime, 2020 China Economic Annual Report will be released soon and the total GDP is expected to exceed 100 trillion yuan.

In the tungsten concentrate market, the increase in smelting plants' shutdowns for maintenance has affected the release of production capacity. The market offers basically keep firm and the outlook is expected to be more positive. However, due to financial pressure at the end of the year, business operations are slightly different. Some of them are reluctant to sell while others are profit-taking. 

In the APT market, the cost of raw materials is firm while downstream is not willing to purchase products at high prices. Smelters are still wary of the risk of upside-down, and offers are stable. Affected by environmental maintenance, epidemic control, and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival holiday, the current output and inventory in factories are limited. Most insiders wait for the situation in the demand side.

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