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China cut off exports to Japan of rare earth cited Japanese social panic

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China cut off exports to Japan of rare earth cited Japanese social panic

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Published on Thursday, 11 September 2014 09:23

Designation of the East China Sea in China's air defense identification zone, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine in late 2013, was seen as synonymous with the risk of China's "rare earth" but did not become a topic. Is the crisis really disappear?

According to Japan on the 25th reported that by mid-September day in 2010 Diaoyu Islands waters collision, China played the diplomatic card, cut off exports to Japan of rare earths. Because nearly 90% of the demand dependent on Chinese rare earth supply shortages in Japan immediately, industry into great confusion. Rare earth supply shortages continued until the summer of 2011, the price is sprayed as a mist fei Di ingot soared several times.

In the interests of drivers, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries have set off a boom in the development of rare earths. Japanese companies are also accelerating the diversification of procurement channels. Sojitz Corporation in the fall of 2013 began importing rare earths from Australia. Toyota Tsusho Corporation also plans 2014 production of rare earth in India.

Reported that through their own efforts to overcome the crisis in Japan seems to behave more and more powerful. However, Extraordinary Professor, University of Tokyo Institute of Technology Production Toru Okabe said: "When Japanese companies grabbed the procurement of rare earth is the soft underbelly of China's status still has not changed."

Reported that the misunderstanding lies in the "rare earth" is a general term. Although called "rare earth" Overall, it subdivided it can be divided into light rare earths and heavy rare earths, the former can be widely mined in the world to which the stock rarely, is a veritable "rare earth", both of which add up to a total of 17 kinds. After the collision, the Japanese from all over the world to find the place of China's procurement channels mainly light rare-earth. Heavy rare earth rare earth remains the same is known almost entirely dependent on China.

Reported that representatives of heavy rare-earth is "dysprosium." High-performance magnets mounted on hybrid and electric vehicles, in order to high temperature, it is inseparable from the "Dy." By lifting technique, although you can reduce the amount of use per vehicle, but with the popularity of electric cars, the total will be difficult to reduce.

Heavy rare earths outside of China in opening up the market, the company plans to Sumitomo imported from Kazakhstan, but has not had the goods. If Chinese exports interrupted for some reason, then Japan can not ensure a steady supply.

Reported that the light rare-earth there is a certain risk. Glass grinding need to use "cerium" because China banned exports after the collision, "cerium" Japan has the popularity of alternative grinding method using volume also significantly reduced. However, the lighter rare earth mining out of the mixture, about half are "cerium." If miners produced according to the most "cerium" sales and reduce production plan, then a mine produced from the same raw materials, high-performance magnet "neodymium" liquidity optical lens materials "La" will be reduced.

Government official said: "As the saying goes, a good sense of dependence pain is forgotten crisis China has been weak hopes the opportunity to visit the Yasukuni Shrine Abe, once again sounded the alarm.."

Reports that the industry strongly hope that rare earth supply and demand balance, the Sino-Japanese relations as soon as possible to stabilize.

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