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China Cerium Oxide Price – December 4, 2020

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China Cerium Oxide Price – December 4, 2020

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Published on Friday, 04 December 2020 16:36

China rare earth market quotation: terbium oxide and praseodymium neodymium oxide prices continue to edge higher while cerium oxide price remains stable on December 4, 2020. Market trading activity slows down slightly after a sharp increase in previous stage and the market is expected to stabilize in the short term. 

In the light rare earth market, there is still a lot of room for transaction volume to increase. The shortage of some products and tight spot circulation are still the main reasons for supplier to increase their offers. However, as downstream users’ wait-and-see sentiment increases and capital pressures, a few rare earth smelting companies to actively ship products has also increased. 

In the heavy rare earth market, the buying and selling atmosphere on the market is general. With the support of favorable factors such as the Myanmar border crossing, the expected signal of purchasing and storage, the "Export Control Law" has come into effect, and the small increase in the listed price of rare earths in the South this week, traders have strong rised mentality, but the price increase is till affected by the ability of market demand.

This week, the listed prices of Southern Rare Earth increased. Gadolinium oxide price rose by 6,000 yuan/ton to 182,000 yuan/ton; terbium oxide price rose by 300,000 yuan/ton to 6.1 million yuan/ton; dysprosium oxide price rose by 10,000 yuan/ton to 1.96 million yuan/ton; holmium oxide price rose 45,000 yuan/ton to 550,000 yuan/ton.

Prices of rare earth products on December 4, 2020

Picture of cerium oxide

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