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Asahi Tanker Orders World’s First Lithium Electric Bunker Tankers

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Asahi Tanker Orders World’s First Lithium Electric Bunker Tankers

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Published on Wednesday, 08 April 2020 20:48

Two of the world's first zero-emission lithium electric propulsion bunker tankers are set to build by Japanese marine transportation company Asahi Tanker Co. Ltd in Japanese shipbuilding companies. According to the marine transportation company’s announcement.

The new Bunker tankers will adopt the "e5 tanker" design developed by e5 Lab Inc. and will be completed and delivered in March 2022 for the first tanker and March 2023 for the second.

These tankers are pure battery vessels powered by large-capacity lithium batteries that will operate as fuel tankers in Tokyo Bay. The shipyard building the vessels was not announced, but the news comes as Imabari Shipbuilding and Japan Marine United, Japan's largest and second-largest shipbuilders, announced last week that they would establish a joint company to design and sell commercial ships.

Due to the use of electric energy for propulsion, the new ship can achieve complete zero emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, soot, and other substances for reducing environmental load. Taking into account the crew and the surrounding environment of Tokyo Bay, the new ship also adopted a design that can reduce noise and vibration.

In addition, the ship is also equipped with various automated components and the Internet of Things (IoT) fleet management application to reduce crew workload and improve operational efficiency.

Each Bunker tanker is 62 meters long, 10.3 meters wide, 4.15 meters draught, and the total tonnage is about 499 tons, speed is 11 knots, the oil tank volume is about 1300 cubic meters, the battery capacity is 3500kWh. It will be cataloged into the Japan Classification Society.

It is understood that Asahi Tanker is a subsidiary of Japanese shipowner Merchant Marine Mitsui. Currently, the company owns 25 Bunker tankers.

Last year, Merchant Marine Mitsui, Asahi Tanker, Mitsubishi Corporation, and domestic ship brokerage company Exeno-Yamamizu Corporation jointly established a new company, e5 Lab Inc., to jointly develop and promote zero-emission pure electric boats powered by large capacity lithium batteries. The e5 Lab contains five core elements-electrification, environment, evolution, efficiency, and economics.

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