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Application of smart PDLC film

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Application of smart PDLC film

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Published on Wednesday, 15 August 2018 19:34

As people’s pursuit of life quality is getting higher, the concept of architectural design is becoming more and more artistic and intelligent. As a new type of electronic light control products, smart polymer dispersed liquid crystal film owns a lot of great properties which make it popular among smart products enthusiasts, such as high transparency, flexibility, and heat resistance, good UV protection, low consumption, long lifetime, low voltage driving and so on. It is a kind of cool technology which can make your life colorful. 

The smart polymer dispersed liquid crystal film is formed by injecting the nano tungsten trioxide between two transparent conductive films through a series of special process. Under the electric pressure, it can adjust the light to switch between transparent and mist. 
Owing to its excellent properties, this film can be widely applied to commercial affairs, education, medical treatment, furniture, mass media, transportation and so on. It greatly expands the application market of traditional window film and becomes a technological breakthrough of this field. There are some examples of application which are listed as below.

1. Business center

When the smart polymer dispersed liquid crystal film is stuck on the glass, it can switch to mist pattern and used as an electronic curtain in order to protect the privacy and make your room cool all day long. When night falls, the glass can be used as an advertising wall. The company’s advertisements can be presented on the wall for customers.Besides, the glass is characterized by the high light transmission which enables you to enjoy the beautiful view outside the window.

2. Commodity display and advertising 

When the film is stuck on the glass of museums, and galleries and markets are at the foggy state, the glass can protect the products and guarantee the clarity of the projection of advertisements. When the glass is transparent, it is good for displaying the products in the showcase. The customers can observe the products clearly. The failure rate is close to zero which reduces the maintenance and provides the guarantees for various kinds of commercial application. 

3. Medical and nursing places

The medical and nursing places have the high requirement for the tidiness. Most medical and nursing places use curtains in order to protect the doctors and patient’s privacy. The smart PDLC film can replace the curtain of the medical clinics, operating rooms, chemotherapy rooms and infant nursery that require aseptic operation. It can not only avoid the bacterial contamination caused by the curtains and the inconvenience of washing, but also isolate the noise and block the dust. In addition, the privacy is protected by the film so that the disturbance towards doctors, nurses and patients decreases.

4. Offices, meeting room, school. hotel and entertainment places

Traditional glass can protect people’s privacy only by means of curtains or using the frosted glass. However, the smart film can quickly switch between foggy state and transparent state which breaks through the limitations of traditional cement wall and frosted glass. It does not only improve the space layout and protect the privacy, but also achieve the transparency which makes people enjoy better visual space. Its damping effect can effectively isolate all kinds of voice and make the noisy place quiet. In addition, the traditional glass wall can be used as a multimedia projection wall, which owns a superior projection performance and creates an elegant and dreamlike atmosphere.

5.Bank counter, services department and ticket lobby

The film can also be a good helper when some criminals burst into the banks. When the bank opens, the glass can be switched to transparent state. Once the accident occurs, you can control it remotely. The glass can be vague immediately so that the suspects will lose their targets and the police can have more time to subdue the suspects. As a result, the life safety and the property can be guaranteed by the film to a certain extent. 

6. Car, train and steamer

The film is sun-resistant, explosion-proof, heat-insulating and water-proof. Besides it can protect the privacy and reduce the refrigeration energy consumption in order to make your room warm in winter and cool in summer. When the glass is broken, the film can prevent it from splashing and injuring people owing to its good safety. Meanwhile, different colors or patterns are provided for customers so that the film can be used as the decoration. 

7. Furniture

The smart film can be applied to the bay window, skylight, the winter garden and so on. When the sunlight is strong, you can switch the film to opaque state which can block the sunlight, shield the infrared rays, reduce the heat radiation, and protect the interior furnishings from aging and fading due to ultraviolet radiation. It also protects people from being exposed to the direct UV radiation and avoids skin diseases. Meantime, it also ensures effective indoor lighting. When the night falls, you can switch to a transparent state and enjoy the beauty outside the window and millions of stars.
The film can partition the interior space. If the film is used as the partition between bathroom and the toilet, it makes layout bright and protects the privacy. When it is used as a small home theater screen with projection equipment, it can display images with high brightness and resolution which generates the fun of life.

The smart film not only has many excellent performances and wide applications, but also is convenient to use. What you only need to do is to switch the states through various ways (ex. the switch, the remote, light control, voice control, app and so on) instead of controlling it manually. What a good glass film! With this cool technology, your life will not become convenient, but also colorful. A simple smart glass can protect your privacy and can also be used as a screen. We strongly believe that with the development of technology and the gradual decrease of prices, the smart polymer dispersed liquid crystal films will certainly become popular in the coming future.


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