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About disc pelletizing machine for tungsten balls

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There are many ways to prepare tungsten balls, disc pelletizing is common, and the indispensable equipment is disc pelletizing machine.This equipment is mainly used for the iron fine powder and other powdery materials into a certain strength of the ball material, the granularity of the ball is more uniform, generally made of the size of the ball diameter of 8-12 mm.The method has the advantages of fast forming speed, high strength, low moisture, simple structure, convenient control, less power consumption and stable operation.
The disc pelletization machine for preparing tungsten balls mainly includes spur gear type, bevel gear type and direct coupling type, with eight varieties of specifications within Φ1000- Pin 6000, and the basic structure of the disc pelletization machine is shown in Figure 1.The structure is roughly divided into fixed turntable, transmission device, scraper device, water supply device, Angle adjustment device five parts.Upon completion of this process, the ball material that meets the requirements will be transferred to the next process.The tungsten ball prepared by Zhuzhou pintejin has good performance, environmental protection, no pollution, high temperature resistance, good wear resistance, small volume than large, corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, and excellent shielding effect and other characteristics.Zhuzhou pintejin is a good reputation enterprise in cemented carbide industry, choose pintejin tungsten ball, welcome to consult.Contact mobile: 0086-180-7331-9589

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